Hi! I’m Hairy Mitten and I am a signwriter and artist based in Liverpool and Chester.  

I'm passionate about traditional signwriting and keeping the art alive because creating something by hand is a piece of art. It's unique and screams personality. There's no comparison between a hand painted sign and the sea of vinyl guff that drowns the high street. You can find out more about exactly what I can or will paint on my 'services' page. 

As well as splashing paint around, I'm a dab hand with the pyrography (wood burning for the uninitiated) wand. If you are looking for something more unorthodox this style of signage really stands out against the generic vinyl, have a look though my Hairy Mitten portfolio for some of the signage I have done for shops in Chester.

So that's me but for more about what I actually do, have a look at my services page. 



Bloody love Hairy Mitten’s work. I have a few signs from him, an ey up duck and a custom piece. I also used his keyrings as keep sakes for my wedding and they were so well received. Love it.
— Greg, Sheffield